Arto Paasilinna was born in a truck Kittilä in Finnish Lapland, April 20, 1942. In full flight, his family fleeing the Germans are driven to Norway and Sweden and Lapland. Paasilinna ("stone fortress" in Finnish) is a name invented by his father, who was angry with his parents to change its name.

"I had four different states in my early youth. The leak has become a constant in my stories, but there is something positive in the leak, if before there was fighting. "

From the age of thirteen, he took various jobs, including a woodcutter and a farm laborer. "I was a boy of forests, working the land, timber, fishing, hunting, the whole culture that is found in my books. I was float wood on rivers in the north, a sort of aristocracy of these homeless fixed, I moved from physical labor to a journalist, I went to the forest to the city. Journalist, I wrote thousands of articles seriously, it's a good practice to write more interesting things. "

In 1962 - 1963, he studied general education at the Graduate School of Education People of Lapland, then as an intern between regional newspaper Lapin Kansa (the Sami people).

He worked from 1963 to 1988 in various newspapers and literary magazines. Also author of twenty novels translated into many countries, Arto Paasilinna is a screenwriter for film and television. He is interested in graphic arts and writing poems.

Figurehead of Finnish literature, Arto Paasilinna has won favor in recent years a loyal audience with an original work, populated by strange characters, but also by a sense of humor and storytelling rare.
Let's face it immediately, while among Paasilinna, is that repetition is what gives it its charm, the repetition of a recipe which he alone knows the secret.

Since the publication of Hare Vatanen, the novel that has truly launched, the writer from Lapland likes to send his characters walk around in Finland, like vagrants existentialists went in search of little nothing missing their life: freedom.
"The Finns are no worse than others, but bad enough that I have something to write until the end of my days. "